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11 June 2011 @ 02:15 pm

It has been almost a year, maybe two, since the last time I posted anything to this community. Wow. I sure do suck. Please has some sexy Junhyung to accept my forgiveness?

Anyway this is a request post to get my creative juices flowing. Leave a fandom, pairing, prompt, storyline whatever in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Lol this will probably be ignored, but eh, it's worth a try?
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27 April 2010 @ 10:42 pm
truth be told, i miss you.
JeTi & MinYul
It’s a good nine months after their disbandment that Jessica receives a phone call from Tiffany. At first she was a little surprised, I mean it wasn’t as if they had lost contact or anything but to put it simply Jessica misses the old days. What was even more surprising was that Tiffany called asking if she would like to accompany the latter on an impulsive trip to France.

A/N: IDEK. i say that to every fic lmao. but still- i think this could definately be better but i havent posted in a while so lets see where this goes, mkays? :) and jeti as well~! WHOA have not written jeti in ages! BEEN A LONG LONG TIME! XDDD but anyways, yeah um jeti travelling and yeah :)

“I should probably mention than” Tiffany laughs “You know how sometimes, stuff would go missing from your room? When we were still performing?” “Um, yeah? From what I remember it was mainly clothes and underwear” “Yeah that was me” Tiffany laughs even harder “Well me and Sooyoung. She just like the thrill of stealing things from you” Collapse )
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10 April 2010 @ 07:09 pm
five days

A/N: written for a tumblr friend, maxi. i was going to post it up on tumblr but the html was annoying and like its just better on LJ :D i hope thats okay maxi! :)

its like your father took the stars from the sky and put them in your eyesCollapse )
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01 April 2010 @ 04:05 pm
not a soul.
Jessica-centric (HaeSic!Couple & HeeSic!BFFL)
People say the hardest thing about being pregnant is the late nights. Others say it’s the endless craving. Some would even say it’s the fact that you have to carry around an extra couple of kilos on your stomach for nine whole months.

For Jessica it’s keeping it a secret.

A/N: IDEK. i was trying to write of stupid teenagers and road trips and it just wouldnt work so i ended up writing a preggers fic~ :) yeah im going crazy, kthnxbye :D

if she wants her life to remain, somewhat, unchanged she cannot tell a soul.Collapse )
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16 December 2009 @ 07:18 am
the adventures of chunface and duckbuttsu!
Yoochun/Junsu, OT5 (other various pairings which I havent really quite chosen yet lol)
1254 words. its a strong baby, crack crack crack! G, baby :)
in which DBSK reveal their trueselves.. as super hero's and villians!

A/N: im sorry. idek where this came from or how this happened or anything :| i just, im sorry. please enjoy? :D oh! and because it may cause confusion, the boys are indeed still in DBSK are still sing and what not but like Clark Kent is Superman's alter ego, in a way Micky Yoochun is Chunface's alter ego, if you get me? That's why the waitresses recognise them for being famous and that is also why Changmin isnt a hero and not because i had no idea what to name changmin if he was a hero, the best i got was tothemax or something like that. idek its fail so i didnt name him :P

Chunface! The amazing and super powerful mastermind, the one person that idols call when in need of help and the one person entrusted with guarding the precious, precious lives of our favourite idols. Collapse )
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08 December 2009 @ 09:41 pm
of stupid teenagers and road trips.
Jessica/Donghae, Jessica/Jonghyun, Sooyoung/Jonghyun
(Sooyoung/Jessica and Jonghyun/Donghae if you squint really really hard!)

the roadtrip begins in incheon where jaebum tries, unsuccessfully, hitting on jessica and donghaes phone gets stolen by a boy named TOP.
in which the awesome foursome become more acquainted.

A/N: who knows why it took me so long to write the first chapter. i dont even think this chapter is that great :| lmao there is another part to this chapter, describing their personalities and why they fit so well together, but i didnt add it in. not sure why :| if you think i should just tell me :D ahahah. anyways! here we go.. the beginning of.. of stupid teenagers and their road trips.

“Why did some kid named Jaebum just call me sexy and ask me to go out on a date with him?”Collapse )

comment! sooyoung wants you to :D hehehe ^___^
concrit is welcome <3
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30 November 2009 @ 10:45 pm
crazy [for] me
inspired by this post here :) check it out! :D

  1. Under My Skin - Siwon/Heechul (주문 Mirotic)
  2. Call Again - Onew/Taeyeon (Wrong Number)
  3. More Than The Air I Breathe - OT5 (노을.. 바라보다 Picture of You)
  4. My Heart Beats For You - Donghae/Jessica (CRAZY LOVE)
  5. Bring Me Down - BoA/Jaejoong (HEY! Don't Bring Me Down)
  6. My Song - CSJH/DBSK (넌 나의 노래 You're my melody)
  7. Small Town - Jaejoong/Yesung (무지개 Rainbow)
  8. Just Us Two - OT9 (낙원 Paradise)

Siwon was stripping, yes Christian-boy was in the process of showing his godly abs to all fangirls by peeling the soaked white t-shirt off his back, and well Heechul couldn’t look away. He just, he couldn’t.Collapse )

“I just forgot to mention,” He pauses for a second “That I love you” He puts the phone down and returns back to sleep.Collapse )

“We will wait for you, we will never let you go, this pain, we can work through this together”Collapse )

Jessica and Donghae have been friends for as long as anyone can remember, and everyone assumed at one point, they would just get together and have the most amazing kids imaginable. But they always denied the feelings that were so obviously there.Collapse )

and in case you were wondering, yes, I do love youCollapse )

Dana’s voice was nothing but a whisper over the phone “Can you believe they did the song without us?” Collapse )

Yesung steps off the swing and pulls Jaejoong into a tight, manly, hug “Gonna miss you bro, don’t get any girls pregnant and have some fun okay?” Collapse )

Just us two; I'm happy if it's just us two, Collapse )
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30 November 2009 @ 10:12 pm
{ ♫ Heartbeat - 2PM}

(1) Pick one of your favorite albums, or just an album that you like;
(2) Choose a fandom;
(3) Associate each track to a character or a pairing.

DBSK - The 4th Studio Album: 주문 (Mirotic)
Fandom:: Various SM Town Pairings
(both het,yaoi and yuri. both crossover pairings and band pairings.)

I can picture CSJH being all sad because they cant, and dont, participate in any SM Town crap and DBSK are their to make them happier :D Collapse )

yep. im bored :D
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20 November 2009 @ 10:16 pm
of stupid teenagers and road trips .
Jessica/Donghae, Jessica/Jonghyun, Sooyoung/Jonghyun (Sooyoung/Jessica and Jonghyun/Donghae if you squint really really hard!)
354 words. fluff/romance/crack. PG-R (changes from chapter to chapter).
in which Donghae convinces Jessica to come along with him, Jonghyun and Sooyoung on a roadtrip to the coast.

A/N: soooo i was watching aladdin and a whole new world came on and i just had the sudden idea of donghae showing jessica whole new world but jonghyun intervenes and yeah :D and that is pretty much how this fic came into being. please forgive me if this is fail, im not use to write chaptered fics and what not. im more inclined to one-shots and drabbles. this is one of the first times ive ever ventured into long (many-chaptered) fics :D

They knew that if they just kept driving that memories would create themselves, that unforgettable moments would occur without any force and that they will enjoy being stupid teenagers, one last time.Collapse )
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23 October 2009 @ 10:03 pm
one week..
band!fic ; Yoochun-centric
(2/5) tuesday: omo its a jumping castle!
Mama Park doesnt think her eldest is living properly so she sends Yoohwan to find out what a week is like for the band. Being unstatisfied with the answers her youngest son had given her she sends her ex-husband to find out what she needs

A/N: sorry. i just- gah. im sorry :D

“Other than the fact that you are 24 years old? There is nothing wrong with you wanting to go on the jumping castle” Yoochun laughed, walking past an open gate that lead straight to the jumping castle in question.Collapse )

so this was a lot longer than Junsu's one ; but i hope it is still good :D
next up is Changmin and Mulan! :) with a possible BoA cameo XDDD
comments are appreciated and concrit is welcome! ♥
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